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Adding value through expert Facilities Management Consulting, Computer Application Training and Facilities Management Software Development! or call 512-553-0942

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About Hunter Consulting & Training
Hunter Consulting & Training's mission is to assist organizations improve in the area of Facilities Management and to deliver computer application training to client's location as well as serve as a contract computer application trainer for training organizations. The three services focus areas are as follows:

1. Facilities Management Consulting (See Current Projects)
a. Facilities Management Assessment
b. Process improvement
c. Startegic Planning
d. Facilities Maintenance Staffing Analysis based on APPA standards
e. Speaking engagement at organization meetings, seminars, symposiums,
conventions and similar venues
f. APPA Qualified FPI Advisor. Train and assist colleges and universities to participate
in the APPA Facilities Performance Indicator program.
2. Computer Application Training at your site
a. All Microsoft Office Suite applications (see Courses Outline)
b. Will consider specialized client application training provided courseware already exist
c. Data Conversion and Data Import/Export services
3. Contract Computer Trainer for Training Orgainizations

a. Deliver training to your students at your site

b. Will consider teaching at your client's site


Note: Hunter Consulting & Training adheres to a strict non-compete policy and will not
market its services to client's of training organizations Mr. Hunter contract train


Hunter Consulting & Training was established in August, 2007 by Ernest R. Hunter Sr. after completing two very successful careers as a Naval Officer, retiring at the rank of Captain (O-6), and as Director of Physical Plant and Facilities Services for The University of Texas at Austin. Hunter Consulting & Training has an alliance with Hickling & Associates of Chicago to provide Facilities Management consulting services for Colleges and Universities.


In the computer training focus area, Mr. Hunter has delivered training as a contract trainer and achieved a 98.22% approval rating from his students who completed class evaluations collected by an independent performance measurement organization – MetricsThatMatter. Mr. Hunter's business plan is to remain focused on Hunter Consulting & Training's three current focus areas of (1) Facilities Management Consulting; (2) Computer Application Training at the client's site; and (3) Contract Computer Trainer for training organizations.


Activity to date

Facilities Management Consulting:Mr. Hunter currently has an alliance with Hickling & Associates of Chicago to provide Facilities Management consulting services to a major University on the west coast. He is also listed on another proposal as a sub-consultant with a major management consultant firm from Connecticut to provide Facilities Management consulting services to a Big-12 University.Hunter Consulting & Training is also developing a computed based College and University staffing application based on the APPA Maintenance Staffing Guidelines; the APPA Operational Guidelines for Ground Management; and the APPA Custodial Staffing Guidelines for Educational Facilities.This product is expected to be complete in several months and will be used by Hunter Consulting & Training to assist Colleges and Universities with their staffing determination and justification.Since August, Mr. Hunter completed three speaking engagements as follows:


Presenter at the 2007 OS1 Custodial Services Symposium -- "The University of Texas at Aistin Custodial Services Success Story." The University of Texas at Austin received numerous awards and Mr, Hunter personally received the Milestone Award.


Co-Keynote speaker at the Department of Energy Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship program graduation event (Mr. Hunter was one of the two co-founders of the program in 1995)

Keynote presenter at the Great Lakes Sanitary Supply Association 2007 Fall Seminar --

"Ground Zero to Clean (and Green)."


See Current/Recent Projects


Computer Application Training and Student Comments: Mr. Hunter has taught Microsoft Office applications as a contract trainer for a local computer training center. He has received a 98.22% approval rating from his students.Below are direct quotes of comments students made on their class evaluations collected by MetricsThatMatter:

“Excellent Instructor. Great learning experience. Made it easy to ask questions and learn contents”

“Ernest is a great teacher! He is very patient when we make mistakes. He displays a thorough knowledge of the software.”

“Everything worked great. No need for change”

“I think it's already pretty good.”

“Ernest is very informative. He makes certain that everyone understands before moving on.”

“Very patient and a good teacher”

“Very warm and friendly”

“Very patient and knowledgeable about material “

“Ernest is a great instructor!”

“Mr. Hunter took the time to go over any questions that we had. He explained the concepts in using of the techniques. And very in depth."

"Exceptional Insructor"

"very thorough and considerate of student needs"