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GroundsOpsStaff-2ed from Hunter Consulting and Training

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GroundsOpsStaff-2ed Program Activation


Thank you for your interest in activating your program.  Make sure you download the latest release (check for last updated date on the GroundsOpsStaff-2ed Home page. Follow the below steps:


Note: If you have not already started the GroundsOpsStaff-2ed program, you must first run GroundsOpsStaff and be viewing this webpage in the GroundsOpsStaff -2ed Program Manager Web mini-browser window.  Program Activation is done from within the GroundsOpsStaff-2ed Program Manager Program Activation form not from your web browser.

Follow the below steps to activate GroundsOpsStaff:

 Activating GroundsOpsStaff-2ed

1. Run GroundsOpsStaff and stop at the Program Manager

2. Click the 'Activate GroundsOpsStaff-2ed' button in the GroundsOpsStaff-2ed Program Manager left panel.

3. The 'Program Activation Form' will appear and it will retrieve the information you submitted with when you requested your Activation Key.

4. Enter the 'Product Code' that came with your product and your 'Activation Key'  you received by email.

5. Read the 'Terms and Conditions' and click the 'I agree with the above Terms and Conditions' checkbox.

6. Click the 'Activate GroundsOpsStaff-2ed' button at the bottom left of the form.

6. You program will be activated and an email notification will be sent to Hunter Consulting and Training activation server.  You will receive an email from Hunter Consulting and Training acknowledging your activation. You can immediately begin using GroundsOpsStaff-2ed in full feature mode.

7. You can now immediately run GroundsOpsStaff-2ed in full feature mode by clicking the Full Feature Mode button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to keep the cost of GroundsOpsStaff-2ed and its upgrades as low as possible, Hunter Consulting and Training is not able to grant refunds after purchases are made.  It is very important that you fully review each product before making your purchase.

If you have questions and/or comments submit them using the Contact Us link in the web site from your browser.