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GroundsOpsStaff-2ed from Hunter Consulting and Training

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Hunter Consulting and Training is considering the following upgrades for GroundsOpsStaff:
  • GroundsOpsStaff-2ed-ProScheduler -- we have already released this upgrade and it is available for purchase by clicking the Buy ProScheduler link. GroundsOpsStaff-2ed-ProSchedulerwill allow you to automatically create schedules the grounds tasks for the entire year or a portion of the year. It will accommodate multiple growing seasons in the the same schedule as well as allow you to adjust the starting week for each season you have defined in your inventory file. It will recognize tasks intended to be performed in winter, spring, summer, and fall and force them to be scheduled during these seasons based on your definition of the start week of the season. GroundsOpsStaff-2ed-ProScheduler will recobnize weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly tasks and allow you to schedule them seperately if you wish. With GroundsOpsStaff-2ed-ProScheduleryou can easily balance your grounds workloading and determine the proper mix of full time employees and seasonal and parttime employee.

  • GroundsOpsStaff-2ed-Data Import Wizard -- we have already released this upgrade and it is available for purchase by clicking the Buy Data Import Wizard link. We are collecting information on whether users already have data in electronic files and if so, whether they would like a utility to allow them to automatically import them. Ues the Contact Us link to sen d your comment and opinion.

  • GroundsOpsStaff-2ed-ProMobile -- we will decide whether to develop and release this upgrade based on the interest of users. We are collecting information on whether users have a need to use PDAs or Smartphones for their grounds operations. Ues the Contact Us link to send your comment and opinion regarding the need for a PDA or mobile device interface for GroundsOPsStaff-2ed.