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(HTC-11x) GroundsOpsStaff Training/Implementation Support at Your Site
or Live On-Line Webinar Session (s)
($1,800 per day plus expenses at your site or $750.00 via Webinar)

(For GroundsOpsStaff -2ed)


Hunter Consulting and Training can provide GroundsOpsStaff training and Implementation support at your site or via Live On-Line Sessions for any organization that purchases at least one Product Code from the APPA bookstore. Submit the below form to request pricing for training and/or Implementation support at your site or simply use the Buy Now button or fax Purchase Order to acquire the training or implementation support via on-line Webinar.
The $750 price for Webinar provides up to 6 hours either in a single session or multiple sessions of at least 30 minutes until the six hours are used up. This means that you can save up your training and implementation needs or questions until you have enough for a session of 30 minutes or greater and then schedule a session or you can schedule the entire six hour in the same day. Payment is required in advance and is non-refundable. Multiple organizations can coordinate their sessions to occur at the same time, however the same price will be paid by each organization participating in the sessions.


  • Include number of students and desired location of the training.
  • The APPA Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities for Grounds , GroundsOpsStaff User Manual and the GroundsOpsStaff help file swill be used as the text books for the training.
  • Your staff will learn about the APPA guidelines concepts as well as the basic and advance features of GroundsOpsStaff.
  • Fill out the below email form indicating
    • (1) whether you want training at your site or Live On-Line Webinar session(s);
    • (2) number of students;
    • (3) Date and time you want the training to occur;
    • (4) if at your site, provide information on desired location.
  • The training will be one or two 4-6 hours session(s) depending on your needs and can be adjusted to fit your
    schedule and needs (It is recommended that you order the two-day course). While on site Hunter Consulting and Training will also provide implementation support after the training session.
  • It will be your responsibility to purchase the APPA Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities for Grounds book and GroundsOpsStaff software from APPA as well as printing copies of GroundsOpsStaff User Manual and the GroundsOpsStaff help files for each student prior to the training session. (printing the user manual in color provides better clarity in the screenshots, however, printing in black and white is ok).
  • You do NOT have to purchase the software for each student and two students can share a Guidelines book if you wish.

Implementation Support

  • Assistance with configuration to fit local variables
  • Assistance with developing customized local space categories
  • Assistance with importing and converting inventory data
  • Assistance with customizing standard space categories
  • Assistance with matching local space descriptions with standard space categories
  • Assistance with determining local variables such as average wage rate, minutes of productive work per day, work days in year and other factors
  • Assistance with making default configuration file
  • Assistance with making local space categories and saving local space categories files
  • Question and Answer session as required by user

Service Product HCT-11a Six Hours of Training and Implementation Support via Webinar ($750.00)

 NOTE: Credit Card is the preferred method of purchase, however, you can email a Purchase Order to or Fax a Purchase Order to 208-361-9405. if your organization does not use credit cards online.

Service Product HCT-7b One or Two Day(s) of Training and Implementation Support At Your Site

($1,800.00 per day plus expenses. )

Submit this form to receive a fixed price quote including expenses based on your location or fax or email a purchase order to 208-361-9405.